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Hadid. Complete Works 1979–today ISBN 9783836542838

Заха Хадид. Сборник работ по настоящее время.

Цена: 3800 руб

CA 73 - Daniel Libeskind ISBN 9788977483606

Монография работ американского архитектора-деконструктивиста Даниэля Либескинда

Цена: 3700 руб


Бревенчатые дома. Дизайн и архитектура Ральф Кайло ISBN 9785902600084

Образцы, чертежи и цветные иллюстрации брутальных бревенчатых домов

Цена: 1350 руб


Antiques Handbook & Price Guide 2018-2019 Judith Miller ISBN 9781784722661

Miller's Antiques Handbook & Price Guide remains the essential and trusted guide to the antiques market. Completely revised and updated, this guide is the book no dealer, collector or auctioneer should be without. It is compiled by Judith Miller, world-renowned antiques expert and co-founder of the book, who selects the guide's 8,000-plus featured antiques.

The images in the book are changed for every edition to keep the guide up to date with collecting and buying trends. The antiques are shown in full color with detailed descriptions and a current price range. Special "Judith Picks" sections give fascinating background and valuation details for particularly interesting or unusual objects.

Comprehensive sections cover ceramics, furniture, glass, silver and metalwares, jewellery and objets de vertu, clocks and watches, books, Oriental antiques, textiles, toys, decorative arts and Modern classics. Special features explain why one piece is worth more than another, show how to value an item and teach you to be your ownappraiser. Biographies of designers and factories give the background information you need to help date and value objects. Whether you're buying or selling, this is the book you need.

3300 руб  

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